Jamie Lee CurtisIs she crossing her fingers for her goddaughter? Maggie Gyllenhaal is going home with an Academy Award.

The Halloween The star could not help but love the actress The Lost DaughterCelebHomes News spoke with director Laverne Cox She said that Maggie would be proud of her at the 2022 Oscars. She explained that pride and impress is something you can have when you are close to someone as a child. Then you feel proud and impressed when someone does something.

Her words continued: “But, when they impress you, and when you admire them for their choices, their ability, that is a real thrill to me.”

Maggie’s movie is nominated as Best Adapted Screenplay. Maggie also receives Best Actress Award in a Leading Role. Maggie is also recognized in the Best Actress award in a Supporting Role category. 

Jamie doesn’t only cheer for her goddaughter; the actress also serves as a presenter. She joins a star-studded list of presenters, including Shawn MendesSean “Diddy” Combs And Halle Bailey.