After her successful show that ran for twenty-five years, Oprah Winfrey got a brand name “Queen of Talk.” She decided to use the earnings she got in this industry to invest in an expensive and huge mansion. Apart from her show, she got other achievements through becoming a best book seller and endorsements. As a matter of fact, any product that Oprah endorsed led to attracting many customers and resulting in huge sales.

The Montecito mansion has ten fireplaces, six bedrooms, a private movie cinema, fourteen bathrooms, and a lake with an exotic collection of fish. Apart from having huge investments, she gives back to the society generously. During her shows, she gives out freebies, and as at now, she earns a lot of bucks from royalties. If you want to build a staircase as beautiful or even better than what is seen in this mansion – then read more about Stairnation! ]

“Mega stars rarely have to maintain their homes, and they usually have an array of workers on call to help with a moment of notice.  While it’s not easy to find out exactly who they hire, some examples are world renowned faux painters, tile pros, painters, home cleaning services and home remodelers.  A mansion requires a lot of work to upkeep, and a job well done will preserve the real estate value, which savvy stars are always aware of.