Don’t leave out the blank spaces: Jeopardy! contestants had a blank ExpressionOn their faces.

On the July 20th episode, three contestants got stumped as host. Ken JenningsYou can find the clue under the category “Title Which Completes The Rhyme.”

Jennings read the clue. “And I’m just just like…ohh-ohh ohh-oh…ohh-oh…ohh-oh! Oh-oh,ohh-oh…ohh-oh You need to stop looking at my dress like how can you not just walk away from it?” as seen on a video uploaded by a fan page.

No one buzzed in to even attempt to answer the clue, leading Jennings to question if it was perhaps his delivery that confused the contestants. I really wish that this had been. [Jeopardy! announcer] Johnny [Gilbert] reading these,” he responded, before giving the answer. “This is ‘You Need to Calm Down’ by Taylor Swift.”

Swifties were able to learn the truth, but they couldn’t quite shake off the mistake.