Jamie Lucas Scott, we all are feeling old because of you!

Jackson BrundageThe child actor that won hearts with his teen drama, One Tree HillFans are bursting at the seams with nostalgia as he officially turns 21 in January.

He shared an image of him holding up a peace symbol and posted it to his Instagram Story. Do you have any recommendations for alcohol?

Jackson was Nathan Scott’s child on the hit CW series.James LaffertyHailey James Scott (Bethany Joy LenzAfter the show’s fifth season, the timeline was pushed forward by four years. He was well-known for his charming short stature and quick wit. Like his father, he had high hopes to be a basketball player.

Jackson was cast as a guest star in the 2008 series and continued to do so until 2012. Jackson joined the cast in 2008 and stayed on until 2012 when he was fired. OTHHe continued in Nick at Nite, where he was a regular. Run DadStaring Scott BaioHe has voiced a wide range of roles in various voiceovers, including as Foo in Nickelodeon’s original series. Harvey BeaksPablo and Einstein Pals.