We interviewed Lindsey Vonn because we think you’ll like her picks at these prices. Lindsey has been paid to be a spokesperson for Under Armour, JUST Egg. CelebHomes may earn commissions if someone purchases something from our affiliate links. CelebHomes is not responsible for the sale of items. The prices are correct as at publication time.

Packing is a must if you’ve got some summer travel plans. You may not be sure what to bring on your next trip, but Olympian Lindsey VonnThis site is designed to help you shop.

She shared her must-pack fashion and beauty picks along with her favorite snacks, chocolate-covered almonds and JUST Egg. Lindsey told CelebHomes, “I have been eating JUST Egg products for a while now and I just love the products so much I wanted to become an investor.”

Lindsey explained, “I met Josh Tetrick the founder of this company and, as I learned more about him, I decided to expand my involvement so that I could also be an ambassador.” The company has a lot of mission-driven, amazing people that are making an awesome product. It’s a pleasure to be part of this team. 

Lindsey’s recommendations will help you find the right headphones for your needs, whether it be post-sunburn or great battery life.