Back in February 2021, the couple, who first met on Tinder, announced on social media that they had gotten engaged. Rippon stated that JP and I were unable to meet for nearly all of 2020 due to the pandemic. When I was offered the chance to see him in Finland, it was a great opportunity. It was a little more than two months. 

He said, “In-between all that and binging on the whole 4 seasons of The Crown, we bought ourselves some rings and said that magic word.. ‘duh!’ We got ~*engaged* ~”

Speak with People Rippon recently shared their spontaneous decision to tie the knot. He said, “We have been waiting for this moment for quite some time and were always like, “Let’s do it, and let it all be done and then we will finally get married.” 

We had plans, but we decided that it was better to start sooner than New Year’s Eve. Kajaala said that they are in bed at 10:30. So we thought, “Maybe we’ll use this day to do something special, like this.” And now, we know what that means. 

Rippon said, “We got up at 10:30 and were already in bed,” but he added that they got back to home quickly so they could enjoy champagne right away. “No excuses. Winners don’t quit champagne.”