Olivia O’BrienIt is setting the record straight. 

One day after addressing old rumors that she once dated Pete Davidson, the “Josslyn” singer is clarifying what really did—and didn’t—happen between them. 

She spoke on the June 29 episode of the Best friends podcast about an anonymous and unverified rumor that claimed Pete previously “ended things with B-list popstar/influencer he had been seeing” before he dated Phoebe Dynevor 2020.

The segment titled “Olivia O’Brien Chats Secret Relationship to Pete Davidson” was hosted by host Dave PortnoyOlivia asked Olivia about the rumor. “True? False?” Before she could respond, he replied “True, false?” Uh, Pete. Um, I didn’t think—I didn’t think that anyone knew about that. It was not true. She said, 22 years old, “Yeah. Yeah, we. That’s right.” He’s a nice guy.”

Olivia went on to say that this was “a long time ago,” around October 2020, and explained that Pete ended things over text by telling her he was “seeing someone else.” 

But now, Olivia feels that her words have been taken “out of context.” On her Instagram Story, she clarified that “i never claimed I was dating anyone.” Stop trying to create drama about me sending someone a text 2 years ago. jesus christ.”