Olivia shared that, aside from the excitement around her relationship with her husband, it has been difficult to manage her pregnancy.

She said, “There is a vulnerability in me that makes it want to…just shut everything off.” “I would rather shut the door to this and focus on my baby and me.”

Her explanation was, “My brain isn’t able to settle. It’s just constant feeling of.” You’re not doing it right. I’m told by people that the baby will eventually come, and you’ll find out. However, that does not stop me from feeling anxious right now.

The following are some of the highlights. Predator actress has decided to keep certain parts of her motherhood journey out of the public eye, John has taken a different approach.

The sand was not only a good choice, but it also made the experience more enjoyable. Saturday Night Live writer announce their baby news on TV, but he’s already made quips about their romance in comedy. As the publication noted, he opened his Bethel, N.Y., stand-up show and joked about telling people that you’re having a baby and getting “mixed reviews.”

Olivia, however, doesn’t seem to mind.