John also shared a tender moment with his son by posting a picture of his first encounter with Malcolm at the hospital. He wrote, “Four month ago, I met a 6-lb boy that changed my life forever.” Malcolm I love you. “You are much more sag now.”

On Instagram Story, Olivia shared another sweet moment between the father-son duo. She posted a video of John looking down at Malcolm, who was seen laying down on a couch as he waved his arms back and forth. The 39-year old comedian looked at his son in the video and said “I love your, Malcolm.”

Olivia captioned her video with “Birthday fun today before his dad left for Texas …”

It looks like birthday celebrations continued all day. The Rook star also snapped an adorable picture of Malcolm with his grandma, with Olivia noting in the caption that he was “spending his 4 month birthday with this retired tiger mom.”

Below are more good times from the family.