Olivia CulpoThe trip to Mexico starts off turbulently for Alicia.

On Jan. 13, her sister Aurora Culpo took to Instagram Stories to tell her followers, “Olivia and I are going to Cabo and look at her outfit.” Olivia wore a black bralette with matching biker shorts, a cardigan and long sleeves. She looks adorable. It’s appropriate that she looks so cute. Aurora continued. They call Aurora up and say that she must put on a blouse or she won’t be able to board the plane. You’re not too f–ked up, tell me. American Airlines, thank you very much. Send me to Cabo.

Olivia took to Instagram Stories as well to reply. “Oh no! I’m lost lol. Is this inappropriate/offensive?” While resharing Aurora’s Instagram post, the ex-Miss Universe commented, “Leave that to Aurora, to create a scene.” Hide me.”

Aurora also posted video footage of another traveler in a similar outfit, which included a bralette and leggings made of turquoise, as well as a cardigan.

“See?” Aurora said. They don’t even care that she is beautiful. But [Olivia]”