17. Katz’s next role, after his portrayal of Max Dennison, was that of a Deadhead…but it was real. However, the nickname Max was given in the movie by bullies Ice and Jay did extend beyond the Hocus Pocus set.

“Right after making this movie I went and followed The Grateful Dead for like three or four years and that was my Grateful Dead lot name: Hollywood,” Katz told CelebHomes News. “Everybody used the expression, “What’s Up, Hollywood ?!'”?

He did not keep Max’s tie-dye shirt that he wore in the movie. He said, “I made my own, man.” 

18. The young trio from the film—Katz, Shaw and Birch—have remained close throughout the years, especially after reuniting for the 20th Anniversary at the Walt Disney Studio Lot in 2013. It was like “Oh wait, we love one another, why aren’t you hanging out ?!'”? Shaw stated.[We]It was perfect. We went out to dinner on Halloween. After that, we’re still connected.”