Wonder what might happen if someone ordinary slept with a Hollywood star? Let us now introduce you to HBO Max. Starstruck.

The comedy, which first debuted in April 2021, follows Jessie (played by creator Rose Matafeo), a movie theater worker and nanny, who finds herself celebrity-adjacent after having a one night stand with Tom Kapoor (Nikesh PatelThe actor is as famous as Chris Evans. Although they were attracted initially, their complicated relationship continues for the next season. Jessie and Tom are able to weave in and out each others’ lives for over a year. Intriguing, right? A second season will be available in just eight days.

This trailer was unveiled by HBO Max at 16:16 on March 16. StarstruckIn the second season of’s, Jessie will be reunited with Tom. The couple has not changed much, Jessie is still trying to make sense of her life and Tom trying to just be part. This leads to some funny moments.

Jessie informs Tom that Tom is embarrassed about her in this teaser. You should spend time with someone more like yourself.

The question is, will Tom also agree with us? We hope so.