Novak Djokovic doesn’t think this ruling is an ace.

After Wimbledon banned Russian and Belarusian players from the 2022 Championships amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the tennis star spoke out about the decision during the Serbia Open.

“I will forever condemn war. I will never support war being myself a child of war,” the Serbia-born athlete told reporters April 20, per ESPN. I know the emotional trauma that it causes. Serbians are all aware of what 1999 was like. We have seen many conflicts in the Balkans over recent years.”

He said, however, that he could not support Wimbledon’s decision, as he believes it was insane. The result of politics interfering with sport isn’t good.”

Earlier that day, in a statement shared from the All England Club and the Committee of Management of The Championships—which hosts Wimbledon—the organization expressed its “ongoing support for all those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine during these shocking and distressing times.”

“We join in the universal condemnation Russia’s illegal acts,” continued the statement. “We have carefully considered this situation in relation to our duties to the player, our community and to the wider UK public, as well as to British sporting institutions.”