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Spring is just around the bend, and you might be asking yourself, “What spring fashion trends will 2022 look like?” Fortunately, Nordstrom Rack is holding a limited Spring Trends 2022 Sale where you can find deals up to 88% off. Nordstrom Rack offers great deals on everything, whether you are looking for new clothes or a spring makeover. 

According to Nordstrom Rack, the five hottest fashion trends to be aware of this spring are ruffled tops, cut-outs, wide-leg pants, bright colored bags, and heeled sandals. All of this and many more will be available during their Spring Trends 2022 Sale. 

Nordstrom Rack also has all you need to make your spring makeup look beautiful. Prices start at $12, which is a great deal. 

With so many items to go through, it may get a little overwhelming. So we rounded up some of the best deals from Nordstrom Rack’s Spring Trends 2022 sale. You can see them all below.