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You think you are already the top deal-setter? Don’t think so. Nordstrom Rack has the most outrageous Black Friday deals that we have ever seen. You can save an additional 40% on already low prices right now. You can even find items on sale for up to 90% off! Do you think that sounds too good to true? It’s true, we assure you. 

Nordstrom Rack is the place to go if you want leggings, or accessories for colder weather. They even have a ton of cute jackets on sale right now for up to 70% off. Our favorite deals? This $118 button front Madewell dress for just $10 right now, and this Michael Kors peacoat for just $38. Wow! 

So be sure to head on over to Nordstrom Rack right now to see all the insane deals for yourself. Here are a few that we think you may like. These are just a few of the many.