CelebHomes: You cater to active lifestyles with your wine. Please tell me about this and why Fresh Vine Wine is different than other wine brands.
ND: To answer your question, I can only say that there is no hangover. 

CelebHomes. Yes. That is something every wine lover would appreciate.
ND: I mean that’s the simple way to say it. However, enjoying life shouldn’t be an ‘inexplicable pleasure.’ It is possible to live an active life and still be conscious about what you are putting in your body. It should be of the best quality. It is delicious, it tastes great and doesn’t make your stomach hurt.

ND: You want to be with your friends and family, having a good time and enjoy your life. We can learn from 2020 and the events of the past few years that it is important to cherish the times we share with our loved ones and enjoy them more than ever.

CelebHomes – What’s it like to start a business with a friend? What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting a business together?

JH: I think it’s been amazing. A lot of people warn “don’t do business with family or friends” and say “don’t meet your heroes,” but when you meet your hero, that’s awesome and epic. Don’t be afraid to make an exception. When you have a best friend like Nina, who you have great communication with and when things come up and it’s uncomfortable, it’s an opportunity to grow and to learn from each other. I absolutely recommend working with your friends and your family because what better way to just grow in this life than with the people that you love, inspiring you to be better every single day?

JH: I have a company where I’m a solo founder and it’s really hard because I don’t have somebody to like banter off who has the energy to go back and forth with me and with Nina, it’s like we have we have this banter because we’re co owners and we get to we get to challenge each other in a really inspiring way and share our different perspectives. This is a rewarding job because the company we are part of has great products. 

CelebHomes – It also comes with a guarantee you’ll be able to have time together, which can prove to be a valuable work perk. 
JH: You don’t want to have to plan your friendship hangs but it helps for sure when you both are busy working on different things to be in business together because you are communicating a lot. It’s a win/win situation. 

ND: It’s great to have your best friend to go on this journey with testing the wine, traveling the world, promoting, and celebrating. Wine tasting is a great social activity. It’s a great social activity to do with your friend.