CelebHomes: Do you prefer to have a dressed up New Year’s Eve or to do something more casual?
ND: It just depends on the year and what’s going on and what kind of night you’re having, especially because the last couple years we didn’t get to dress up, it’s probably a great excuse to do so, even if you don’t leave the house. Who doesn’t love to put on a black dress and some heels? This would be wonderful.

JH: There are two traditions that I follow. If I would be at my dad’s house for instance, he does omelet nights, where the doors are open and people just come in for omelets. If the party is for adults, then I will dress up in my best clothes and be cute. This year, it will all depend on my return from the retreat. It’s possible that I want to visit a few friends. If so, I will likely dress up and wear a lipstick. Red lips make me feel festive, like it’s evening.