Shaun WhiteAn Instagram photo by in celebration of Nina DobrevA gold medal is due to’s birthday

On Sunday, Jan. 9, the Olympic gold-winning snowboarder, 35, commemorated his girlfriend’s 33rd birthday by sharing a hilarious collection of photos and videos of the pair together. 

Affectionately captioning the Instagram post “Happy Birthday you hot mess,” Shaun included a few snapshots of himself giving Nina a piggyback ride and her laying down on top of a horse. He also posted a delightfully absurd couple’s selfie he took of the two while the Vampire Diaries actress was getting dental work done—with the athlete pretending to lend a hand. 

He also shared a lighthearted clip of Nina removing a string of cheese from a bite of food. He comments that he has taken a lot more videos of her eating food. Then, as she spots him zooming in on a bright orange stain on the front of her white jacket, she yells, “No!”