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Recently, Nikki ReedShared this important reminder: “It’s Earth Month. Earth Day also exists. While it is wonderful to commemorate that day, we have 364 more days than Earth Day. We also have 11 months after Earth Month where we can focus our efforts on improving the environment. This stuff is so much fun to me. This is what I think of when I say the TwilightAlum shares the environmentally-friendly, sustainably produced products she and her husband created together Ian SomerhalderUse in your home.

Nikki declared, during an Amazon Live session: “We’re talking all about Earth Month.” Amazon is there to support all those who are concerned about how we shop. 

Nikki has a list of products she recommends that are sustainable. These include a soap you can apply to your hair, pets and dishes. Jessica Alba’s clean lip balm is also her favorite. Honest Beauty.