Get ready for the May 22nd episode of The Pod! Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?You will be pushed to the limit.

This sneak peak shows. Nikki Glaser is getting candid about her love life—and unfortunately for many of us, her struggles are all too relatable. Her dad might be able to offer some perspective? She suddenly questions her dad about his kayaking experience, and she says “When was it that you knew mom was the right one?”

The comedian adds quickly, “When she got pregnant?”

Nikki is a joker, IsHe was trying to make a serious face. To prove it, she quickly launches additional questions like, “How soon did you ask if she wanted to have kids?” And “How do your deal with conflicts with mom?” Are you ready to tell your mom right away?

The latter is definitely weighted, as Nikki explains that she wants to be more forthcoming in relationships. She admits that she keeps her mouth shut “a lot” of the time. She says, “When I’m not with someone romantically I’m able to stand up for my rights anytime. But when it’s a romantic pursuit, it becomes literally impossible because I just am so awkward when it comes to romance.”