There are changes coming FBoy Island.

The show’s host said that comedians are the hosts. Nikki GlaserFans of HBO Max’s reality dating series are looking forward to a second season that will be “very different”, which debuts July 14.

“Last season, the people that came onto the show didn’t know what the show was,” Glaser exclusively told CelebHomes News’ Evening PopOn July 12, “So, that was fun in itself where they were just along on this ride.

“But this time,” she continued, “they knew what the show was, so the people are game to get down—to lean into being an FBoy, to lean into being a girl who’s trying to figure out who is an FBoy and who isn’t.”

These are the show’s basic rules: Leading ladies must be present Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard Tamaris SepulvedaPick a nice guy at the end to share a $100,000 cash prize. If they choose a FBoy instead, they get to keep all the cash.