5. Blonsky turned 18 while filming the movie and the studio threw her a “beautiful” birthday party, during which “Zac carried my cake out,” she revealed. It was fantastic and certainly one of my favorite nights.

6. Blonsky & Efron were obviously in a kiss as Tracy & Link on-screen, but this was during an appearance on Canada’s July 2007 Special. Much MusicThis really brought out the chemistry between these co-stars.

Blonsky laughed and said, “We were two teenage boys having lots of fun on press tours.” Blonsky said, “That was definitely an unforgettable moment and one that I won’t forget.” They were my best friend, and I was his buddy. It wasn’t terrible that we had to have sex together. “I felt lucky, I’m sure.”

7. Blonsky stated that she doesn’t have a passport. She had also only been on one flight before.HairsprayThe global press tour of’s actress. The actress stated that while traveling around the globe was “a blast”, she said it’s all about “the people you surround yourself with.” My mom and Zac were there for me. It was so much fun. “I still laugh at some of the bizarre and fascinating things you see when traveling the world with ZacEfron!”

8. Blonsky then shared a story about Efron, a bartender at a hotel who called Blonsky’s room at five o’clock in the morning to ask for her phone number and details of the room so that he could impress his female friends.

It would be a great help to me, he said. He was like, “It would really help me.” I replied, “Yeah. I know what it will do for you, buddy.” Guess what? You are not being helped by this girl. Goodnight!” Blonsky recalled. “And I hung up. Although I’m usually very kind to people, when you travel on a 26-hour press tour, and are finally on the plane, and arrive at the hotel, you don’t want the bartender calling you to find out your friend’s number or room number. You know what? I just want to tell you that!