Nikki BellaWe are still hopeful. 

It Total BellasCelebHomes News’ star stops by Daily Pop on Tuesday, Feb. 15, making sure to share an update on her fiancé Artem ChigvintsevAfter he suddenly left,’s health was in decline Dancing With the StarsTour last month, inciting a medical problem that was later confirmed to be pneumonia. 

“He is doing better,” Nikki revealed. “We are hoping to find good news today. He still has pneumonia and so they’ve had to change antibiotics.”

Elle continued: “It’s something that we have been going through that was not expected, so we are just praying for good news and strong lungs.”

Nearly two weeks ago, the pro dancer shared a similar sentiment. “Hi everyone, just wanted to give you a little update on my wellbeing,” Artem said in an Instagram Story on Feb. 3. Yesterday’s X-ray showed that I still had pneumonia. So I received another dose of antibiotics. “This is, of course, number two.”