They get so big.

You can believe it, or not. Nikki BellaAnd Artem ChigvintsevThe baby boy of’s Matteo ChigvintsevOn July 31, he will celebrate his second year of marriage. The engaged couple welcomed their first child together back in 2020. Now, their 2-year-old daughter has blossomed before our eyes and is now the cutest little version of her dad Artem.

It Total BellasThe star Dancing With the Stars pro have kept fans updated on Matteo’s most adorable moments and major milestones over the years on social media. Nikki recently paid tribute to her son by posting a video after she filmed a Parenthood episode on the show. Podcast by The Bellas.

She wrote, “Teo showed me how love feels in a way that I cannot even explain,” on Instagram July 6. Who would have thought that I’d end up so easy and gentle lol Teo made me see so much more about myself. It is indescribable how love can make your heart feel, sometimes love and sometimes hurt. “I wish I could take away the pain from Teo when he is sick or hurt. It makes it hard to be a mom.