Nicolas Cage does not want you to see him singing in the purple rain. 

It is part of The Hollywood ReporterThe annual Actor Roundtable is held in the National Treasure Actor admitted that he has now given up on the mic after watching a video in which he sang one of his songs. Prince‘s iconic hits surfaced online in April 2019.  

“For me, karaoke was like therapy until someone videotaped my punk-rock version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and it went everywhere,” he told fellow panelists Jonathan Majors, Andrew Garfield, Peter Dinklage Simon Rex“And I replied, ‘I don’t want to karaoke any more.’

Garfield encouraged Cage immediately to take the microphone again. He said, “Don’t take the gift away from the world.” You must keep on giving. 

But Cage didn’t appear too convinced. Cage explained, “Karaoke’s supposed be private.” It’s like praying.” 

Garfield teased that “Nic is using this platform only to express his grudges.”

The actors used their humor to help solve the mystery of who leaked Cage’s viral performance. They eventually found a unique perpetrator. Rain ManCage rode his horse on filming Butcher’s CrossingHe said, “Wanted to kill me!”