6. Beyoncé Inspired Queen Charlotte’s Look

Made by Shonda Rhimes, the multitalented mastermind behind shows like Scandal How to Escape Murder, Bridgerton The show’s diversity in casting has won it praise. Guyanese actress is one example. Golda Rosheuvel plays Queen Charlotte of England, who was a real person. Some historians believe the wife of King George III was a descendant of a Portuguese royal family with African ancestry, according to PBS.

“When I researched Queen Charlotte and found out that she was of African descent, it gave me so much more scope to create her beautiful looks,” the show’s makeup and hair designer Marc PilcherSubmitted Vogue. “I used the silhouettes, but I wanted to honor her ethnicity so I used hair, braids, and Afro-textured styles. Although her enormous Afro looked like a Gainsborough hairstyle, it was influenced by Beyoncé as Foxxy Cleopatra inAustin Powers at Goldmember.

Pilcher echoed his comments to Essence, saying, “I saw Beyoncé Knowles in Austin Powers GoldmemberThat’s when it hit me: “That’s exactly what I want.” I wanted to have the largest afro anyone had ever seen. The wig I wanted was actually composed of several or five wigs. We had the wigs to cover the ringlets, and we then bought the afros. After straightening them and setting them on curls sticks, we brushed the hair through until we got the most volume. Finally we sewed the afros on top of one another in order to achieve that gorgeous shape.