Nicky Hilton RothschildReady to host a five-person party.

French fashion designer French Sole is due with her third child. James RothschildThis is her rep Jack KetsoyanCelebHomes News received confirmation on Tuesday, January 25. Her due date is in late summer.

Nicky and James are parents to their daughters, having been married since 2015. Lily-Grace Victoria5 and Marilyn Theodora “Teddy” Marilyn, 4.

Nicky was back with Nicky in April. Interview magazine to discuss how her family adjusted to the coronavirus pandemic. Many parents can identify with the difficult times that brought them closer.

She said, “This is the best thing about this pandemic,” adding that she had spent time with her family. “At the outbreak of the pandemic when everyone was under lockdown, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert were shared with me, my husband, my two daughters, and our family every single day. “I believe it was for at least 96 days.”