It’s the one thing that matters most. Nick Lachey can rely on his children to do, it’s keeping him humble.

The Blind Love host has already exposed his kids—Camden, 9, Brooklyn7 and Phoenix, 5—to his days as a ’90s pop star. They were shocked at his old shirtless photo.

CelebHomes News exclusively reported that Camden, Nick’s son, had looked at the item. Daily PopOn June 15, He said, “Who photoshopped dad’s body?”

It was actually a vacation picture from 10 years ago that his wife had rescued. Vanessa Lachey. Nick explained, “It wasn’t me rising out of water.” I was all over the place. This was before I got in shape.

While his kids love to embarrass him, he always gets them right back, telling Daily Pop“It’s part and parcel of my duty as a father to make them embarrassed as possible.”

He said, “My children think I am corny.” “I’m the one that drives up to the school drop-off and cranks up the music.”