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Highly anticipated Season Two of Love is blind is just around the corner! Its premiere is scheduled for February 11, and the host has already announced it! Nick Lachey It’s shared. It is reallyHe enjoys hosting the reality dating show together with his wife Vanessa. It’s a fact that he absolutely loves it.

He said that it was very exciting to share the work of your spouse and give you time together. 

After the couple proposed, they went to Mexico for a week to strengthen their relationship. What did this mean for Lacheys? It was a vacation for free in paradise.

He said, “Look, I know we love one another, but it’s also an opportunity for us to get out of the kids for some days.”

Nick said the project has been “very fulfilling,” sharing that that they “sit at the bar and have an old-fashioned at the end of the day” and exchange notes about what happened on the guys’ and girls’ sides of the pods.

He shared that “we love working together.” He added, “But we also love working together on sets. It’s the time that we can just be together.”

We are now officially obsessed with their union.