Nick Lachey knows this isn’t his finest moment.

TMZ uploaded video footage of the event on March 28th. 98 DegreesA singer gets into a heated altercation and fight with a photographer.

The footage shows Nick reaching inside the car of a photographer to grab a cell phone. The following: Love is BlindAs he was walking to the Beverly Hills Hotel with his wife as co-host, he could be seen flipping off paparazzi members. Vanessa LacheyTogether with another female friend.

Nick acknowledged that he overreacted hours later when the video was made public.

Nick said that “Last night after enjoying a wonderful dinner with our dear friend and my wife, the paparazzi harassed me as I walked back towards our hotel.” Twitter. “I was clearly too emotional. They are part of the deal. I’m stupid. Done.”

He continued to warn his followers not to take everything he says as an accurate representation of reality.