Nick CannonHe mourns the passing of his infant son.

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, Nick announced the death of his and Alyssa ScottA 5-month-old baby boy named ‘Sixty Five Months Old Zen. He stated at the beginning that he had so much to discuss. Nick Cannon Show. “I’ve never shared it with anyone. The crew has never seen it. Because there’s so much happening in the world. It was a very difficult weekend for me.

Nick showed the audience his Pic of the Day, a photo of Zen. He broke down in tears. He said, “Before we started the show, Zen was actually born in June. June 23rd.” It was an amazing day. You all know that I had a lot of children. Zen is my youngest. It was thrilling.”

As Nick reflected on his first few months with his youngest son, he recalled noticing Zen had a “sinus thing…like a cough” and “interesting breathing.” Nick noticed Zen’s large head but wasn’t concerned because his six other children have similar heads.