On the mixtape, Cannon shared, there’s “a lot of machismo, it’s a lot of… male aggression.” As if he were recalling a fond memory, he gave a lighthearted laugh. And that sense of “I am who/I am,” and unapologetic, which gives it a purposeful sex appeal. My album, however, is more reflective.

On the mixtape he is the “ladies man talking out and pleading for my case”, but on the album, he is more reflective, thoughtful father.

“But, I think in order to me get.” You can find them hereCannon replied, “I need to be here first, also, because [these various sides] are all me—and that’s the beauty of music, is you get to express yourself. All of your questions may have been mentioned, so I can say that. [me]You know who he is? And why does he do what he does?’—[The Explicit Tape] is probably the answer to all of that.”

He said that the album is about dealing with the consequences of his actions and saying, “Alright, well, some of this pain is self inflicted.”

Cannon said, in an apparent quote from the mixtape: “When I say, ‘Yo, This is the Gospel of a Broken Soul,’” Cannon observed, noting that it was like saying, “Yeah. I know my toxic nature, and I’m working to overcome it!”

He said, “That is the beauty and wonder of music.” He said, “It’s possible to have a complete conversation that way.”