He captioned, “My favorite picture of Dad and Nichols on-set,” wrote. Nichelle’s legacy is of paramount importance. She was loved greatly and will be deeply missed.”

Koenig William Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk, are the only surviving members of the original Star Trek. Nichelle’s passing has not been commented upon by either of them.

Nichelle was among the first Black actors to appear in a significant role on TV. She and William also broke a cultural barrier when they engaged in American TV’s first interracial kiss, on a 1968 episode of Star Trek.

George is not the only one. Celia Rose GoodingUhura is played by. Star Trek: Strange New WorldsFollowing the news about Nichelle’s death, he also paid tribute.

She said, “She made space for many of us,” tweeted. She was a reminder of the importance of influence in ensuring survival. She built the table! #RIPNichelleNichols”

Below are more tributes for Nichelle:

Melissa C. NaviaErica Ortegas’s role is played on by. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: “Nichelle Nickls…Her light will continue to shine. Brighter & stronger than ever. She deserves all the peace and joy she has ever experienced. We cannot wait to celebrate her life and hear all of the wonderful stories shared by those who were close to her.

Wilson CruzHugh Culber’s role is played on the website by. Star Trek: Discovery: “Before we understood how much #RepresentationMatters #NichelleNichols modeled it for us. With her very presence & her grace she shone a light on who we as people of color are & inspired us to reach for our potential. You are a shining diamond in the sky, rest well.

Tawny NewsomeBeckett Mariner’s voice is that of. Star Trek: Lower Decks: “Thanks for making so many people feel welcome in this universe. #NichelleNichols.”

Kate MulgrewShe was Captain Kathryn Janeway’s wife. Star TrekThe first female captain of the United States, Star Trek Voyager“Nichelle Nickels was The First. With grit and grace she negotiated a challenging trail, demonstrating a leadership style that is rare, we will never see her again. Let her Rest in Peace. #NichelleNichols”

Lynda CarterStar of the TV Shows 1970s – Wonder Woman“Many actors are stars, but only a few stars can make a difference in the lives of countless people. Nichelle Nickels was a shining example of the remarkable power and potential of Black women. She also paved the path for better opportunities for women in media. Thank you, Nichelle. “We will be missing you, Nichelle.”

Nana VisitorKira Nerys, played by? Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: “Rest In Peace Nichelle.”

Marina SirtisShe was the Counselor Deanna Troi. Star Trek: The Next GenerationAnd its films: “RIP @NichelleIsUhura. We are grateful that you paved the way for us all. Our hearts will never cease to be broken. “My heart is broken.”