Love is a game. Sean McVayHe knows that he has won big.

Los Angeles Rams Coach, David Rams has been using a Ukrainian model for more than six decades Veronika Khomyn by his side—including when he made NFL history this year as the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl.

As the 36-year-old prepares for another season, Sean is showing support for his fiancée and the people of Ukraine by partnering with Chunky to make a donation of $50,000 to the American Red Cross.

Sean exclusively shared his happiness with CelebHomes News, “I’m so happy that I can do this. It really hits home.” “My fiancée grew up there. There are still family members there. “I was blown away by the graciousness with which her family and Ukrainians have dealt with it.

“I tell our players I see more than they hear, and I have seen an amazing show of their resilience, love and pride for their country and their ability to hold each other up in tough times,” he said. “It’s such a credit to that culture and my fiancée and her family have certainly been a part of that.”