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Victoria’s Secret has just launched the Gender Free Collection, a new initiative by PINK. The brand also celebrated another milestone with the launch of its new collection: their first male celebrity spokesperson. Darren BarnetStarting at Mindy KalingReihe Never Have You Ever

Darren explained, “There are so many fashion icons that we see who aren’t wearing styles that are “just for men” or “just for women.” You can find styles to suit everyone’s tastes and inspire you. Fashion options are much wider. Gender Free is a line that’s needed now, and will reach a large audience.

The actor, who plays a teen on Never Have You EverAccording to, “When it was high school, it was not as accepting.” Some jokes were more harsh and some negative words used. My friends were mostly in the dark and only came out to see me as a friend. While there are many challenges and each person is different, I believe there is more acceptance today in high school.

The Netflix star talked about this new shift for the brand, his favorite products, PINK’s mental health initiatives, and why now is the perfect time for this collection.