Batsheva Haart I am single and looking to meet new people!

More than seven months after ending her nine-year marriage to Ben WeinsteinIt is the My unorthodox lifeStar has returned to the dating scene. Batsheva, who was 19 when she got married to the New York-based Realtor, admits she is a little slow on the apps.

In a TikTok video shared in June, the 29-year-old candidly admitted that the “first stage I experienced was my Hinge hoe phase.”

She said, “There is really no other way of describing it,” and explained how she has been “talking with a million people on the dating app, which she founded in 2012. It’s easy to filter out people you don’t like when you are talking to lots of people.

Batsheva stated in separate video that keeping the conversation going with prospective suitors is “important”. She explained that Hinge is not about liking photos or responding to prompts. It isn’t enough to like someone’s profile. When I find a man I like, I’ll respond.