There’s good news! Love is BlindIn our future. The negative news is that we may not see as much of the good stuff. Shake.

Netflix has confirmed the casting of Love is Blind‘s second outing will have an encore later this year when After the Altar, Love is Blind premieres. The second season will feature a status update for the couples that said “I do”, as well as the stars who were not so fortunate in their love.

A 2022 debut is also expected. The creation of a whole new pod squad. According to the streamer season three will arrive sooner than anticipated and will occur in Dallas. 

It seems that there may be more. Continue readingWe have gold cups for the future, as Netflix renewed the popular series for another season. 

It’s not just for dating lovers. Netflix has previously stated that they would be testing relationships. Ultimatum, a series that asks couples to “commit to marriage, or move on” over the course of eight weeks. Each couple will pick a different potential partner, giving them the chance to see two futures.

However UltimatumNext month will see the release of a new series that features all queerThe pipeline is also growing with couples.