Iman Shumpert has been arrested at an airport in Texas for possession of cannabis.

The NBA star was taken into custody at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on July 30, according to a police report obtained by CelebHomes News.

Shumpert was about to board an airplane to Los Angeles, when the TSA found that he brought a large amount of marijuana in a bag to the airport. According to police, Shumpert, 32, admitted the bag contained marijuana. A moblie test revealed that it was 6.12 ounces. He was taken into custody.

Texas law says that Shumpert is guilty of a felony if marijuana is not legal in the state.

CelebHomes News reached to the rep but didn’t receive any comment.

While further searching Shumpert’s property, authorities also found a Glock magazine with rounds located inside his backpack; however, no firearm was located, the report continues. Following his arrest, the athlete was transported to DFW/DPS jail, without any incident.