Henry CavillYour girlfriend Natalie Viscuso, is tossing a coin to her witcher. 

Legendary Entertainment’s executive at 32 years old posted an Instagram image of Cavill (38) on the cover of the magazine. The Hollywood Reporter with a heartwarming caption dedicated to “the greatest man [she’s]Ever known.” 

Henry, I am proud to be your father,” she said. 

“SO PROUD I’m literally crying,” she shared, capping off the post with a laughing and crying emoji.  

They are open to sharing their love online, and they made their official relationship Instagram public in April. 

However, they’ve been been relatively private ever since Viscuso issued an apology in June after she was accused of cultural appropriation when images of her from a 2008 television show in Namibia resurfaced online. 

In past social media posts, Cavill called Viscuso his “beautiful and brilliant love” and condemned fans who send hateful messages to his loved ones, stating that their “‘passion’ is misplaced” and that “it’s time to stop.”