Thor: Love and ThunderThis may be the most adorable Marvel cameo to date.

Talking with CelebHomes News Daily Pop about the latest MCU installment—which premieres July 8—stars Natalie Portman Christian Bale revealed that director and co-star Taika WaititiFilming is a great family activity.

Portman stated that “all of our children are in it.” My kids and Christian’s children are all in it. Chris‘ [Hemsworth] kids, Taika’s kids.”

Hemsworth’s eight-year-old son may already be visible to keen-eyed fans Tristan as a young Thor in the film’s trailers, but fans will have to check out the movie to spot the other celeb children, including Bale’s daughter EmmelineSon, 17 and Joseph Bale, 7.

Though Natalie admitted she doesn’t share any screen time with her children—Aleph11. Amalia Milpied, 5—she told Daily Pop that the other kiddos had plenty of fun on set.

Portman stated, “That was Taika’s great gift, and he wanted all families to be included.”