Your way will always be found At homeTo your first acting job.

Natalie DyerHer role on Netflix as Nancy Wheeler is well-known. Stranger ThingsBut the 27-year old actress started her career in something far less glamorous than the Upside Down. Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Natalia’s acting debut was in 2009. She played the role of Clarissa Granger (a British fan who idolizes Hannah Montana), and she also happens to be Oswald Granger’s daughter.

What was her secret to landing the job? Natalia explained that she got the job while growing up in Nashville.

“It was not a large film town at that time, and then this kind of major production was rolling,” she stated during an Aug. 11, appearance on The Today Show. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “It was quite a deal. It was a big deal for everyone.

She added, “They had two British-like twin roles they decided to cast locally. And somehow, I, yeah!”