Interview with Cathy in February 2021 GQThey spoke openly about how they decided to keep their love private. 

We were together for nearly a year, before anyone knew anything about us. Cordae said that the couple moved very quietly. We don’t post any intimate moments because they are sacred to us. The relationship between two people is sacred. If you allow external influences into your relationship, it will become less sacred.” 

Describing Cordae as “quite a romantic dude,” Naomi explained that his support was pivotal to her success during the 2020 U.S. Open when she was unable to bring her family with her due to quarantine restrictions.

“I felt very depressed during the New York things and all that was happening. Cordae would sometimes call me, and I might cry during some calls. I don’t remember,” she explained. He flew out even though he was very busy. That was a great gesture. It’s not clear if I told him. He really did help me win, just by keeping the motivation up.