Nanny Faye Living her best life.

USA’s Chrisley Knows Best Season nine is already on the horizon. Here’s an exclusive CelebHomes News teaser. Todd ChrisleyThe mom of’s daughter proves she is “not a basic bitch,” 

The reality series, which stars Todd, his wife JulieHis children GraysonChase And Savannah As well as his. ChloeNanny Faye accidentally went to a swinger dance party and will soon be back as usual.

Todd said to Nanny Faye “Mama, this is a damning swinger party.”

She responds, “I ain’t going nowhere until I get something to eat,” as she loads up her plate with vegetable crudité.

This is before she gets into the sewing club. 

Todd shares that “She has turned a senior sew club into a sauna,” before Nanny asked the group if they needed more beer.

Nanny Faye is the best!