The granny will say “Later, gator” 

Enjoy a hilarious sneak peak at the week’s events Chrisley Knows Best, Tomorrow, Thursday, November 25, at 11:59 a.m. Nanny Faye What she is most grateful for in the past year? Her Depends diapers. 

Nanny Faye Chase Todd Chrisley Their guide says they are “inthe weeds” during a late-night search for alligators. Chase jokes that their guide has “fun facts” such as the fact that alligators are born with razor-sharp 80 teeth. However, the boat looks a bit too small to be able to keep up with an 11-foot tall alligator. 

Chase teases that “We had to sneak up on” it. 

Todd says, “No. It’s going up on us. That’s what’s going happen.” 

Tour guides assure them that the alligator will stay away from the boat and they won’t be alarmed. 

“One thing about that, I’m glad I wore Depends today because if I didn’t, I might have s––t on myself,” Nanny Faye snaps as the gator swims passed. “I’m through!”