However, Cassalei isn’t bothered by her parents’ tough opinions, as her track record proves that she tends to make “really bad decisions.” Jay is Jay another of these bad decisions

Well, it is certainly a red flag that he admitted that his mom may not fully support their relationship. Cassalei asks, “Is it gonna hate you mom?”

Even though Jay assures Cassalei that his mom will not hate her, he does add that the matriarch may be shocked to learn that Cassalei has a kid and is Black. Clearly stunned, Cassalei simply responds with, “Interesting.”

Jay confesses to having a deal breaker in the past being someone with a child. He also admitted that he has never dated an African-American woman. Nonetheless, Jay seems very taken with Cassalei, adding, “Just seeing her for who she is, all of the other little things went out the window.”