Shanina ShaikIs it possible to have a…

It Model Squad alum, who exclusively announced her pregnancy to CelebHomes News in May, shared additional details with us about her first child with boyfriend, Matthew Adesuyan.

Australian supermodel, Matthew, revealed that her son’s first sex was with him. She told CelebHomes News: “Matthew is so excited to have a boy!”

She continued, “We wanted to have a son and it was our dream come true.” I’m so happy to be a mother of a boy and have the privilege of raising a loving, kind-hearted human being. You surround him with love and support.

The Victoria’s Secret model expressed just how excited she is to meet her son and become a mother.

“He’ll be part of our growing family,” she exclaimed. “I wanted to be a mom since I was a child, and it’s gratifying to have this opportunity with my husband.”