Kryst was born in Jackson, Michigan in 1991 and grew up in South Carolina. Kryst attended the University of South Carolina and in 2017, she graduated Wake Forest University School of Law. Kryst was a North Carolina lawyer, Poyner Spruill LLP. She is a civil litigation specialist. She also founded the women’s business apparel blog White Collar Glam.

In 2019, she won the title of Miss North Carolina USA and after being crowned Miss USA 2019, she took a sabbatical from work. In 2020, her firm appointed her its first diversity advisor.

Also in 2019, Kryst began working as a New York correspondent for Additional. Producers for the show stated that their hearts were broken in a statement they posted on its website. Cheslie was more than a crucial part of the show. She was also a loved part. Additional family and touched the entire staff. We send our deepest sympathy to her loved ones.

—Reporting by Meriam Bouarrouj