Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu got candid about being bullied online after gaining weight.  

According to her, PeopleAn Aug. 4 interview revealed that “I absolutely broke down so often.”

The 2021 Miss Universe winner shared that although she personally doesn’t mind her weight fluctuation since winning back in December, the harassment she’s received online has been difficult to come to terms with. 

The 22-year old said that physically, she had “kind of grown”, gained more weight and is now much happier with her body. “I was bullied because I gained weight.”

Harnaaz stated that she was shocked at the reactions to her weight gain. It was both uncomfortable and shocking to me to witness people start having opinions about my weight, she said. It’s not all about your appearance. It’s more about who you’re from the inside, how you treat others and what beliefs you hold.