Misha Collins is Two-Faced—in the new Gotham Knights This is series. 

The CW Pilot will feature Harvey Dent, Gotham City District Attorney. Gotham Knights

A nod to his Supernatural Collins wrote the role Twitter March 23, 2009 “I asked if I could wear a beige trench over my grey suit. (I just don’t think I’ll feel comfortable in front of the camera without it.

The project will bring Collins back to The CW, where he played the angel Castiel on Supernatural

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new show takes place as Gotham City is “reeling from the murder of Bruce Wayne,” whose death remains unsolved. Without the Caped Crusader the city is now more dangerous than ever.

Oscar Morgan is set to star as Batman’s “rebellious adopted son,” who joins forces with the children of the city’s villains after they’re framed for his dad’s death. The CW suggests that their evil parents could become the next city’s saviors, implying that the “group fugitives” may be the best.