CelebHomes: The common theme seems to be just keeping the conversation going, so that the children understand why you are doing what you do.
MK: They are curious. They are curious and eager to find out more. Children get presents on milestones such as birthdays or other special occasions, which might include toys that they don’t necessarily want. If that happens, I will help them decide whether to keep the toys or donate to charity so they don’t end up in a landfill. Because they are appreciated by the children, I hope that they understand why it is good to donate toys.

Toys for children are my favorite. I prefer wooden toys or sustainable options.

CelebHomes: That’s so crucial.
MK: We can cut off any clothing that is stained or very badly soiled and use the rag as a cleaning cloth. Another way to make sure you have an item that can be used multiple times is by using this method.